Who We Are

A Natural, Easier Way to Fertility

Neway Fertility is a reproductive endocrinology and infertility center in New York City, serving the metro NYC area since 2011. We specialize in personalized fertility treatment and helping patients to achieve their dream of building a family. From the moment you meet our caring doctors and compassionate staff, you’ll see for yourself: When we help you build your family, we treat you like our family. But there are lots of other reasons to consider Neway:

Neway takes a “natural first” 360-degree approach.

We take an in-depth look at your infertility issues, and explore non-invasive, natural solutions first. Even if you need a procedure like IVF, we offer natural and mild IVF options, as well as IVM (in-vitro maturation).

We strive for breakthroughs in reproductive medicine.

Our founder, Dr. Jin-Ho Lim, is one of the world leaders in IVM and natural cycle IVF. In fact, the first IVM births in New York City were to a Neway Fertility couple. In addition, Dr. Lim established the Maria Fertility Hospital in Korea in 1989 and produced the first natural cycle IVF baby in Asia. Our team of doctors at Neway continually researches infertility topics such as oocyte quality in aging women; the use of in vitro maturation (IVM) for poor responders; and the use of human placental stem cells.

We’re here for all families.

Neway is committed to inclusiveness, providing the highest level of care and comfort for all patients: married, single, straight, or LGBTIQ. Our doctors have extensive experience with third-party fertility options like egg donation and surrogacy.* Everyone is welcome at Neway.

Patients love us.

Neway Fertility has helped thousands of people achieve their dream of starting a family. We could write pages about the personalized attention and care we give each patient, but you can hear it from the happy parents themselves.


*Surrogacy procedures are handled by our affiliate clinic, American Fertility Services, in Greenwich, Connecticut, on the New York State border.

Our Network

Neway Fertility is part of one of the largest fertility networks in the world, Maria Fertility Hospital. Founded in 1989 by Dr. Jin-Ho Lim, the Maria Network is a world leader in natural IVF and In Vitro Maturation and has been responsible for the birth of over 70,000 IVF babies as of 2014. With 10 state of the art facilities throughout Korea, Maria Fertility sees anywhere from 1300-1500 patients per day and is responsible for over 20,000 egg retrievals per year.

Dr. Jin-Ho Lim

Founder & Technical Consultant

Our Team

We work with a team of top fertility specialists who aims to provide the best white glove fertility treatment. You will have your own dedicated team of fertility specialist to guide you through your journey to parenthood.

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