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The scrotum is the loose bag of skin that contains the testicles. It also contains veins that when enlarged, are much like the varicose veins found in an individual’s legs. A varicocele is an enlargement of these veins.

Varicoceles can impact a man’s fertility. They are often the cause of low sperm production and affect the quality of the sperm. This condition can also prevent testicles from developing normally or cause them to shrink.

Varicoceles take time to develop and are easy to diagnose. In many cases, they do not need treatment; but if they do cause symptoms, surgical repair usually resolves the problem.


In many cases, a varicocele will not present with symptoms, and it may cause infertility. On rare occasions, you may experience pain, which can vary from sharp to dull discomfort. The pain may increase when you stand or exert yourself physically for long periods of time and become worse over the course of a day. You may experience relief when lying on your back.

Over time, varicoceles may enlarge. They can become more noticeable and cause a testicle, usually the left one, to swell. Some patients have described the condition as looking like a “bag of worms.”

Unless the varicocele is affecting fertility or causing pain, it is usually not treated since it shows no symptoms. Varicoceles are usually discovered during a routine physical exam and often when there is a fertility evaluation.

It is important to seek medical attention if you experience pain or swelling in the scrotum or discover a mass on it. If you notice your testicles are not the same size or you developed a varicocele in your youth or are having fertility issues, you should see a doctor. A mass on the scrotum or testicular pain could be indicative of a medical problem that needs immediate treatment.

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