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A male’s ability to father children can be affected by testicular cancer and its treatment. If you have testicular cancer and are considering fathering children after treatment, you need to schedule a consultation appointment with one of the fertility specialists at Neway Fertility. We can help you identify your options and keep open the possibility of being a father.

Testicular cancer usually affects one testicle. In most cases, the unaffected testicle can make enough testosterone to keep you healthy. Treatment for testicular cancer can lead to infertility. For this reason, men who may want to father children in the future should consider storing their sperm in a sperm bank. Boys with testicular cancer who have gone through puberty may also want to consider this option. Sperm samples can be frozen for long periods of time without damage.

Know Your Options

If caught early, testicular cancer is very treatable. However, it is best to make plans if you want children at some point in the future. Sometimes, if one testicle is unaffected with cancer, fertility can return after treatment is over. In a typical case, fertility may return about two years after chemotherapy is completed.

Testicular cancer can cause infertility months before it is diagnosed, especially if tumors block or damage the parts of the testes that create sperm. It can also cause genetic damage to sperm cells and cause changes in testosterone levels. About half of the men who undergo treatment for testicular cancer see a return of their fertility about two years after treatment.

Banking your sperm before treatment is one of the best options for men with testicular cancer. If your fertility does not return, you still have the choice to use your sperm samples to start your family. Neway Fertility provides everything you need to collect and bank your sperm on-site safely and securely.

Keep your options for starting a family open with Neway Fertility. We provide a variety of treatments and services for those experiencing fertility issues. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

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