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You have options for in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. Conventional IVF is a faster method of becoming pregnant but it has downsides, including unpleasant side effects and close monitoring, which means many visits to the doctor’s office. Natural IVF is a less aggressive method that requires little or no medication and cuts monitoring time almost in half. Mild IVF uses medication to achieve results, but not as much as conventional IVF.

Mild IVF treatment is a low dose, minimal stimulation procedure. It is good for women who want more stimulation than a natural IVF cycle, but less medication than what is required for the fully stimulated IVF cycle.

Advantages of Mild IVF

This is an ideal choice for patients who have concerns about the high doses of medication needed for conventional IVF. The mild IVF, also called mini IVF, uses smaller doses of hormones, the injectable gonadotropins. This means the side effects will not be as severe as those with conventional IVF. It also means egg production will be lower. You will not experience the side effects that usually accompany the excessive levels of estrogen that are produced by a large number of eggs.

Mild IVF also presents a reduced risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This condition causes painful swelling of the ovaries due to the aggressive administration of hormones.

Additionally, the lower dosage of hormones reduces the number of office visits required for clinical and laboratory purposes. Also, the lower dosage does not lead to stimulation of several eggs. Mild IVF usually produces 3-5 high-quality eggs, allowing for a better chance of developing a healthy embryo. It is often a good option for older women who do not have an optimal ovarian reserve.

Some patients have concerns about having multiple babies at one time. This is a very real issue with conventional IVF, but less so with mild IVF. A pregnancy with multiples increases the risk for complications and premature birth. Mild IVF produces fewer and higher quality eggs.

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