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Some fertility procedures can result in birthing multiples, which may cause concern for some patients. Elective single embryo transfer (eSET), eliminates that worry. A woman undergoing IVF may choose to have a single embryo transferred, even when multiple embryos are available. This is a good option when you want to decrease the chances of having twins, triplets, etc.

The eSET procedure is a good option for women who:

  • are younger than 35 years old
  • beginning the first IVF cycle
  • have prior IVF success
  • have high-quality embryos
  • are using a donor egg

The prospect of giving birth to multiple children at one time can feel overwhelming. This option provides you with a manageable alternative.

Choosing the Best Embryo

Many factors are involved in choosing the best embryo for implantation. Our lab performs an assessment on the embryos in order to determine the one with the highest quality. Among the characteristics considered are the number and size of the cells, the rate of development and other factors that identify embryos strong enough to survive.

After assessing the embryos, the lab director determines which embryo is the highest quality. Keep in mind there is no reliable way to determine which embryo will produce a fetus; however, eSET does allow us to determine which one has the best chance of growing.

Why Avoid Multiples?

There are health risks involved with the development of multiple fetuses in one pregnancy. These risks can affect the mother and the fetuses. Such a pregnancy often results in premature delivery. Babies who are born prematurely have an increased risk of serious long and short-term health problems. These may include:

  • low birth weight
  • cerebral palsy
  • long-term lung problems
  • long-term gastrointestinal problems
  • other difficulties

Mothers giving birth to several babies at one time may experience high blood pressure, high blood sugar and gastrointestinal difficulties.

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