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There are certain cancers and treatments for cancer that could affect male fertility status. If you are about to undergo radiology or chemotherapy for cancer and have concerns about future fertility, Neway Fertility can help.

Your desire to father children after your cancer treatment ends does not need to be hampered. Planning for the future is a wise move to ensure the possibility of children in the future.

Cancer Treatment Impact on the Fertility of the Male

There are several factors that can have an impact on your fertility after cancer treatment. Some men do not experience changes or their body may fully recover, and natural abilities may return once cancer treatment ends. Whether you are able to keep or restore your natural sperm production after cancer treatment depends on:

  • your age
  • your stage in life
  • the type of cancer being treated
  • the type of cancer treatment
  • dosage of cancer treatment medication
  • other health problems you may have

Your doctor may be able to tell you if your fertility status will be permanently affected by the cancer treatment.

There are also situations in which the male patient must undergo cancer treatment which will definitely have an impact. These treatments include surgery that removes organs needed for reproduction and treatments that may change hormone levels or damage the DNA in sperm. Making the choice to preserve your fertility can reduce the risks associated with sperm problems and damaged DNA after cancer treatment.

Fertility Preservation for Males

Your oncologist may not talk to you about your fertility, so you may need to bring it up. Discussions for fertility preservation need to take place before cancer treatment begins. If there are no barriers to sperm banking, such as a fast-growing cancer or infectious disease, Neway Fertility will help you preserve your sperm for future use.

Sperm banking is done before your treatment begins. Semen samples are collected in our office and frozen onsite. We have systems in place to ensure that your sperm are secure and will be ready to use when you desire.

Contact Neway Fertility to schedule an appointment for consultation to learn more about our sperm banking process.

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