Guardian System provides top level patient security

Affordable Fertility Treatment maximizing cost effectiveness

Build your family with Neway Fertility

Bringing together innovative technology and exceptional patient care

Neway Fertility specializes in customized treatment to address your particular fertility needs in a warm and friendly environment.

Affordable Fertility Treatment

While we accept most health insurance, we prioritize providing the most affordable, high quality fertility services in NYC. Our new financing plan provides our patients with another payment option. Learn more.

Guardian System

The Guardian System is our state-of-the-art biosecurity technology, invented by our founder, Dr. Jin-Ho Lim provides extensive patient security to prevent mismatching and mix-ups. Learn more.

Q & A

In order to provide full service support, we offer direct responses to your fertility questions. The Neway clinical staff will promptly respond with the information you need. Learn more.

Fertility Preservation

Neway Fertility offers advanced preservation services at one of the most affordable prices in New York City. Women can take control of their fertility by preserving their eggs for future use. Learn more.

Sperm Banking

We offer a wide range of male infertility solutions for all men regardless of age, sexual orientation, and relationship status. These include ICSI, PICSI, Sperm Banking and Semen Analysis. Learn more.


We offer a wide range of fertility services in order to provide the right type of treatment for each individual patient, including Conventional IVF, Natural IVF, Mild IVF, and IVM (In Vitro Maturation). Learn more.

Affordable Fertility Treatment

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Special Natural Cycle IVF Package

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American MED Agency

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Neway Fertility is proud to prove concierge fertility service to all our patients.

We provide superior fertility services by ensuring all our patients are taken care of.

Our highly experienced doctors and medical staff will be there to assist you every step of the way.



Dr. Kort was excellent. I am in my late 30s and was considering freezing my eggs. I have a high-pressure job wherein I am not in a position to have a child at the moment as I work/travel in insecure locations. Dr. Kort put me at ease and ensured that I got the results that I needed in the time frame I had available. Dr. Kort was available by email and I saw him throughout the egg freezing process. He was courteous and kind and I would use him again!


Feb. 2019

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Zimmermann. I felt he had both the expertise and excellent bedside manner. He was sensitive, respectful, and supportive while also being very knowledgeable and experienced. I appreciated that he was there for all of my appointments and procedures and found him to be very patient and thorough. Dr. Zimmermann was very sensitive and responsive to my specific needs. He was attentive and would call me back very quickly and consider treatments that felt tailored to my issues rather than standard protocol. He also provided me with literature that was helpful in making certain decisions.


Feb 2019

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Even though we know the basic ins and outs of conceiving, fertility sometimes feels more like magic than science. Dr. Ralf Zimmermann, double board-certified OB/GYN and reproductive endocrinologist with Neway Fertility, debunks a popular fertility myth on birth control.

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