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The testicles are a critical part of the male reproductive system. Most vital organs are inside the body and protected with muscle and bone. The testicles do not have this protection. They are located in the scrotum outside the body, hanging below the penis. This makes them vulnerable to injury. If they should be struck, kicked or crushed, the outcome could be serious. Testicular injury needs to be addressed and treated as soon as possible for the best results.

Testicular Trauma

Under normal conditions, the testicles make sperm and male hormones. A tough fibrous cover protects each testicle. After the sperm cells are created, they travel to the epididymis, which has a thin, fragile coating. The epididymis is a gland located along the back of the testicle. There, sperm-making ducts from the testicle join and form a single coiled tube. The sperm spend a short time here to mature before they mix with semen and leave through a tube called the vas deferens.

If the testicle or scrotum is hurt by some force, any part of the contents can be damaged. Blood can leak from a wound to the testicles cover, creating a pool of blood. This condition can stretch the scrotum beyond normal and lead to infection.

Symptoms of Trauma

Usually, the first sign of testicular trauma is severe pain. Infection or swelling of the epididymis can also cause pain. Neglecting to get treatment can cause problems, and in rare cases, the blood supply to the testicle may become blocked. If this happens, it can lead to loss of the testicle.

Even a simple bruise can be a medical emergency. Minor injuries to the testicles are often the reason testicular tumors are found, even though the two are not related. A physical examination of the area will reveal the extent of the injury. Your doctor will feel the structures in and around the testicle to determine if any damage has occurred and to what extent.


If necessary, your doctor will use an imaging test, such as ultrasound, to see the structures in the scrotum. If there is an injury, surgery may be necessary to check the contents. A torn testicle can be repaired with stitches. Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to leave a plastic tube in the scrotum for a short time for drainage.

While injury to a testicle can cause damage, if one is working normally, there should not be a problem with infertility. A normally functioning testicle can produce adequate amounts of sperm and testosterone.

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