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You spoke and we listened.

Neway Fertility understands that fertility treatments can be financially stressful. Our goal is to provide the most affordable, high-quality fertility care in NYC.

Our priority is to educate patients about treatment costs and to help ease the path to parenthood. While we accept most health insurance, we present the options for self-pay patients.

Fertility evaluation

Initial Consultation
(includes an ultrasound and basic hormone tests)
Semen Analysis $200
Saline Sonogram $500

Fertility treatment

Treatment Type Single Cycle Multi-cycle Package
Conventional IVF (with ICSI) $10,700 $23,400 (3-cycle package)
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) $4,500
IUI/Artificial Insemination $900

Fertility preservation

Treatment Type Single Cycle Multi-cycle Package
Egg Freezing $5,500 $12,500 (3-cycle package)
Embryo Banking $12,700 $29,400 (3-cycle package)

Fertility monitoring

Single Visit $350 (includes an ultrasound and basic hormone tests)
Monitoring $1,000

Important Notice:

  • Cycle fees do not include the price of medication and anesthesia.
  • Cost of treatment may vary depending on the individual patient’s needs. The prices displayed on this page are for self-pay, and U.S. based patients only. Please call our office with any questions, (212) 750-3330.

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