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Families are no longer defined in one specific way. They now come in all types of configurations and all are valid. At Neway Fertility, we are excited to assist the LGBTQ community in the creation of their own modern families.

Neway’s family of staff includes members of the LGBTQ community who have completed a fertility journey. Having experienced the journey with them, we understand the unique challenges that these families face. When you choose to begin the journey, we will be with you every step of the way.

Our resources to help make your journey as smooth as possible include:

  • Customized treatment plans
  • Access to our network of excellent sperm banks
  • High quality egg donor agencies
  • The best surrogacy agencies

We also provide exceptional medical care and help with the financial obligations associated with your treatment.

Beginning the Journey

During your initial consultation and fertility workup, we discuss your unique fertility picture. We also go over your insurance coverage and discuss any possible limitations. We provide financial assistance programs to help make your desire for parenthood come to fruition.

Several options make the journey to parenthood easier. We have an egg recipient program and can help guide you through gestational surrogacy.

Donors and Gestational Surrogacy

Whether you require a sperm donor or egg donor, we are here to help you with every step. Neway Fertility provides extensive screening for all donors to ensure that the possibilities for complications along the journey can be ruled out. These screenings include infectious disease testing according to FDA guidelines for egg and sperm donors. A questionnaire on family genetic history must be completed as well.

Egg donors are required to provide fertility and past gynecologic history. Sperm donors must provide medical and family history and go through genetic screening. When a qualified sperm bank is used, the sperm has already been quarantined and screened.

When a gestation surrogate is required, the surrogate must also go through extensive screening, including testing for infectious disease according to FDA guidelines, completing a questionnaire on past gynecologic history and a fertility workup to evaluate the potential for surrogacy.

Gestational surrogates must also be prepared psychologically. Neway Fertility is committed to ensuring that each participant in this journey is thoroughly prepared for any and all outcomes. We provide counseling for the egg donor, gestational surrogate and of course, the intended parents. We highly recommend counseling as part of your journey. Phases of this process can become very emotional. It is important that everyone involved is entirely ready to embark on this exciting journey together.

At Neway Fertility, we understand the challenges that face non-traditional families, and we are here for you to support and guide you along the way. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation appointment.

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