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Women who would like to complete the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process more naturally with little to no medication choose natural cycle IVF. Patients who choose natural cycle IVF are monitored during the normal menstrual cycles. A naturally selected egg or eggs are retrieved at the best time for the patient. Once retrieved, the egg/s are fertilized and grown in our laboratory. The embryo can be transferred back into the patient or frozen to be implanted at some time in the future.

Patients choose natural cycle IVF for many reasons. This method of fertilization has emerged as a popular alternative to conventional IVF because of its many advantages.

Advantages of Natural Cycle IVF

  • Select patients have better outcomes with natural cycle IVF in part because little to no medications are used in the process.
  • Patients experience fewer side effects since medication is kept to a minimum.
  • There is no risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome since there are no high doses of hormones involved in natural cycle IVF.
  • Less monitoring is required with this method. Natural cycle IVF reduces monitoring almost by half.
  • Patients with ethical or religious concerns find natural cycle IVF more acceptable since the eggs used in the process are naturally produced by the body.

Natural IVF can be an appropriate choice for IVF for normal patients and those who have had poor response to conventional IVF. Additionally, concerns regarding multiples are greatly reduced with natural IVF. Natural cycle IVF also has a higher pregnancy rate when the embryo implants successfully.

Natural Cycle IVF with IVM

Some patients require help in maturing their eggs even when using the natural cycle IVF. In these instances, the patient is stimulated for about 3 days to mature the eggs. The mature eggs are retrieved along with immature eggs from the smaller follicles; these will be matured in our labs. When the eggs are matured and fertilized, the resulting embryo will be transferred back into the patient unless it is frozen for future use.

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