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Male infertility is a little-discussed problem facing many men who are trying to start a family. At Neway Fertility, we understand how uncomfortable it can be to open up and talk about this distressing condition. The good news is there are solutions to male infertility, and we can help most couples achieve their dream of building a family. This help begins with semen analysis.

Sperm Health

Also known as a sperm count test, semen analysis not only measures sperm production, but it also analyzes the health and viability of your sperm. The semen is the fluid in which the sperm is contained. This fluid also contains sugar and protein substances. Semen analysis measures the number of sperm contained in an ejaculation. The shape of the sperm and sperm motility, or the movement of sperm, is also measured.

Analysis often requires two or three samples to get an accurate picture of sperm health. Each test is conducted over a period of time and at least a full week apart. This is due to the fact that sperm count can vary from day to day. An average count taken over time offers a more conclusive result.

Preparation of Semen Analysis

There are certain protocols that should be followed to ensure an accurate analysis. Following your doctor’s instructions will provide the most accurate results. Things to keep in mind to get the best sample include:

  • Avoid ejaculation for 24 to 72 hours before the test.
  • Alcohol, caffeine and drugs (cocaine and marijuana) should be avoided from 2-5 days before testing.
  • Make sure you doctor knows about medications/supplements you may be taking, especially herbal medications and hormone medicines.
  • Suspend herbal medications as per your doctor’s orders.
  • Suspend hormone medications as per your doctor’s orders.

In order to get the best sample, the semen should be kept at body temperature and delivered within 30-60 minutes of leaving the body. At Neway Fertility, we collect semen samples and analyze them onsite.

After analysis is complete, your doctor will discuss the results with you and make recommendations for moving forward. At Neway Fertility, we are committed to helping couples achieve their goals for creating a family. Contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment with one of our fertility specialists.

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