Guardian System

Guardian System

Neway is excited to introduce the Guardian System, the leading technology in patient security in the U.S. The Guardian System was created by a group of scientists in Korea – including Neway’s founder, Dr. Jin-Ho Lim – to prevent mismatching and mix-ups in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Seeing the Guardian System’s great success within the Maria Hospital Network in Korea, Dr. Lim decided to implement the technology at Neway, providing top level security, increased efficiency, and an enhanced patient experience overall.

Steps on how the Guardian System offers top-level security within the field of ART:

  1. 1. As a new patient, you will go to the third floor where you will be registered and entered into our database.
  2. 2. Later during treatment, both you and your partner will be asked to do either a hand scan or a fingerprint.
  3. 3. Once your scan has been confirmed, a patient associate will print out three labels with your patient information.
  4. 4. Each procedure will have a separate colored wristband.

Pink – IUI                                           Green- IFV

  1. 5. One label will be placed on the wristband (depending on the procedure) and attached to your wrist.
  2. 6. The other two labels will be placed on your specimen container.
  3. 7. Next, the specimen will be carefully examined, counted and preserved if necessary.
  4. 8. Your wristband and specimen container will then be scanned and matched within the Guardian System.

To find out how the system works first hand, watch the video below:

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