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How Does BMI Affect Female Fertility? New York, NY

How Does BMI Affect Female Fertility?

Woman stepping on scales to check weight.

There are many factors that contribute to female fertility. There can be health conditions, hormone imbalances and physical abnormalities that can affect fertility, which can be difficult to control. However, there are some lifestyle choices and dietary changes that can impact fertility. If you have a high body mass index (BMI), it can affect fertility.… Continue reading

Fertility Options for Women Facing Cancer Treatment

Woman Feerility Patient

The impact of cancer treatments on fertility is not predictable in many cases, which is why doctors communicate in risk percentages. However, there are known variables with each type of medicine or procedure. Therefore, it is also possible to mitigate some negative effects in specific cases. The eggs, ovaries, womb, cervix, and hormone production all… Continue reading

Facts About Becoming an Egg Donor

Smiling Woman

Are you considering becoming an egg donor? Neway Fertility offers healthy women between the ages of 20 and 30 the opportunity to donate their eggs. In doing so, you can help a couple who needs assistance in attaining their dream of parenthood and earn $10,000. What are the Requirements for you to Become an Egg… Continue reading

Should You Freeze and Store Sperm? Candidates for Sperm Banking

Happy Couple

You and your partner may want to freeze and store sperm – a process known as sperm banking (or sperm cryopreservation) – if you are considering starting a family in the future. Sperm banking is essentially fertility insurance. Sperm banking offers couples the opportunity to have a biological baby in case of sterility or lifestyle… Continue reading

Eat This to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant Faster

Couple Walking Together

You, and your chances of getting pregnant faster, are what you eat. So, fill your belly with the right foods and a prenatal vitamin to boost your fertility. In addition, avoid foods that may decrease your chances of conceiving. Fertility-Friendly and Non-friendly Foods First, there is no need to stress too much about specifics. As… Continue reading

Egg Freezing Allows You to Have a Baby When the Time Is Right

Smiling Woman

You do not have to force yourself to have a baby if you are not ready. Instead, you can take control of your fertility by preserving your eggs through freezing. We offer this procedure using the most cutting-edge technologies available, and we do it right here in our Neway Fertility Center. In these modern times,… Continue reading

Top 3 Factors That Influence the Success of IVF Treatment

Couple Together

If you and your partner have been trying for a long time to have a baby, you may have considered fertility treatments to help you start your family. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the most effective treatment options to help overcome infertility issues. There are a few key factors that can determine your… Continue reading

Removing the Stigma of Choosing to Become a Single Mother

Mom and Baby

There is significant stigma associated with becoming a single mother, whether through choice or circumstances. Independent parenthood is a little known option that many women choose for various reasons. In the 21st century, the shape of a family is not dictated by arbitrary moral or ethical rules of the past. You have the right to… Continue reading

3 Common Causes of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Upset Woman

Miscarriages can have a devastating impact on your physical and emotional health.  Approximately 20% of all pregnancies can result in miscarriages. Recurrent pregnancy loss is defined as the loss of two or more clinical pregnancies during the early stages. By determining the cause for these heartbreaking losses, you can move forward to a happy and… Continue reading

Could Egg Donation or Surrogacy Provide You with a Solution?

Mom With Newborn

Many issues can make natural conception impossible for individuals or families. Some women may be physically unable to carry a child to term themselves. Same-sex male partners would require a gestational surrogate in order to have a biological child. Age, health or other fertility issues may make egg donation the only option for some families… Continue reading

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