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Cancer treatment involves medications and treatments that can harm a growing fetus or a woman’s eggs. Neway Fertility’s cancer and fertility preservation provides a way for women to preserve their eggs if they are not ready to start a family or while undergoing treatment for cancer. There are a few options available: egg freezing, ovarian tissue freezing and embryo freezing.

Egg Freezing for Cancer Patients

This procedure is used by women not ready to start a family yet and those who are undergoing cancer treatment. Egg freezing can be achieved with or without stimulation medications. The safest method is determined for the individual and depends on the type of cancer. Several monitoring visits are required by the doctor so the best date for egg retrieval can be determined. When the oocytes are retrieved, those that are viable are frozen to be used at a later date.

Ovarian Tissue Freezing

Women who are unable to complete an egg or embryo freezing cycle may find ovarian tissue freezing a suitable option. This procedure is used for patients who must undergo radiology or chemotherapy for their cancer treatment. These treatments can affect a woman’s future fertility status. Freezing ovarian tissue allows the patient to regain fertility once the cancer treatment is completed. The tissue is placed back into the patient and regenerates naturally within the woman’s body.

Embryo Freezing

Another option for women undergoing cancer treatment is embryo freezing. This treatment cycle can be done with or without stimulation medications and is performed before cancer treatments begin. Embryo freezing is one of the safest protocols for patients. Careful monitoring within a certain time frame allows the doctor to determine the best time to retrieve mature eggs. The eggs are then inseminated, cultured in our lab and the resulting embryos are frozen.

Impending cancer treatment does not necessarily mean you have to give up on your dreams of having a child. At Neway Fertility, we provide options so you can pursue your dream after you complete your cancer treatment.

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