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Top Reasons to Consider Freezing Your Eggs New York, NY
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If you talk to any woman with fertility issues, they will tell you not to take getting pregnant for granted. While you may not want to become pregnant now, it is not always easy when the time comes. The eggs your ovaries release each month may not be around when you do decide to try to conceive. Many factors can impact your ovaries and eggs. Many women choose to freeze their eggs to ensure they have options when they are ready to have a child. Here are some of the reasons to consider freezing your eggs.

Getting Older

As you age, your fertility and egg quality diminish. You may not be ready to have a child in your twenties or early thirties, but this is when your eggs are at their highest quality. Preserving your eggs at their peak can give you options if you have issues becoming pregnant when you are ready to start a family. This can reduce the chance of needing fertility treatments in the future.

Family History of Fertility Concerns

Many women become mothers later in life, but if you have a family history of early menopause or other fertility concerns, this may not be possible for you. If your mother, sister, or other female family members have had premature ovarian failure or endometriosis, you may have these same genes. Freezing your eggs now may be the best way to ensure you have viable eggs when you try to become pregnant.

Waiting for a Partner

Many women want to wait to have children until they have a partner to share the experience. If you are currently single, you may not be ready to have a child on your own. If you know that you do want a child eventually, it may be prudent to freeze your eggs to ensure you have the best chance of conceiving once you are in a relationship or decide it is time to become a mother.

Health Concerns

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or need to have your ovaries removed for any reason, now may be the time to preserve your eggs. Chemotherapy and radiation used in cancer treatment could impact your ability to get pregnant in the future. Freezing your eggs while they are still healthy before your medical treatment can give you the chance to pursue pregnancy once you are healed and ready to have a child.

At Neway Fertility, we have helped many women freeze their eggs for various reasons. If you are concerned that your eggs may not be viable when it comes time to have a baby, it is wise to freeze them now. Contact our medical team to learn more about freezing your eggs and how the process works. We offer advanced options in egg freezing, including using our IVM technology to reduce the medication needed for egg collection. Call our clinic in NYC to discuss the egg freezing process.

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