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Should You Freeze and Store Sperm? Candidates for Sperm Banking New York, NY
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You and your partner may want to freeze and store sperm – a process known as sperm banking (or sperm cryopreservation) – if you are considering starting a family in the future. Sperm banking is essentially fertility insurance.

Sperm banking offers couples the opportunity to have a biological baby in case of sterility or lifestyle complications. When the time is right, you can have the sperm thawed for use in procedures like intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization.

Reasons to Consider Sperm Banking

Disease: Most people sperm bank due to a cancer diagnosis, especially non-Hodgkin’s disease, testicular and prostate cancer. Surgery like an orchiectomy for testicular cancer removes the testes; therefore, the patient can no longer produce sperm. In addition, treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy can decline sperm quality or cause sterility.

Also, children who have attained puberty and have been diagnosed with cancer can sperm bank.

Medical procedures: Men undergoing a vasectomy could sperm bank so that they still have the option of having children if they change their minds in the future.

Career paths: If your partner travels a lot or serves in the military, storing sperm can serve as a backup in case the male is unavailable when the time is right. The female can get pregnant while he is away, and there will be a beautiful baby when he returns to the family.

Also, people with high-risk jobs can store sperm to have it available for their partners.

Transgender parents: Sperm banking before undergoing gender reassignment surgery secures the option of having biological children.

Aging: Some may choose to preserve their better, younger-quality sperm if they’re getting older but not yet ready to start a family. Sperm from men over 50 carries an increased risk of autism and psychiatric disease such as schizophrenia.

Posthumous sperm retrieval: It is possible to extract and freeze sperm from someone who is deceased up to 72 hours after death.

Low sperm count: Males with low sperm counts are encouraged to sperm bank. In this case, the sperm is usually surgically extracted for use in future assisted reproductive treatments. It ensures there is no risk of fresh ejaculation with no sperm in it on the day of treatment.

Preserve Your Choice to Have Children

Sperm banking is an easy, effective and low-risk process. Plus, it is a beautiful opportunity to preserve your choice of having a biological child. If you are interested in freezing and storing sperm for future fertility treatments, contact Neway Fertility today.

If you have cancer, keep in mind that you must do sperm banking before your treatment begins. So, schedule a consultation to start the process as soon as possible.

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