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Removing the Discomfort that Men Face When Discussing Infertility New York, NY
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When it comes to male infertility, the subject is often shrouded in stigma. If you are trying to start a family or have more children, it is important to discuss solutions to any problems that may be standing in the way of conceiving.

Discussing Sperm Health

There are three main aspects of sperm health that reproductive specialists seek to ascertain: Sperm production, health and viability. This is achieved through a process known as semen analysis. By measuring the number of sperm within a single ejaculation, the first test is met.

Also known as a sperm count test, semen analysis not only measures sperm production, but it also analyzes the health and viability of your sperm. The semen is the fluid in which the sperm is contained. This fluid also contains sugar and protein substances. Semen analysis measures the number of sperm contained in an ejaculation. The shape of the sperm and quality of movement (motility) are also good indicates of health.

Male Infertility Specialists, NYC

If you live in or around NYC, it is important to discuss your concerns around male infertility with a compassionate specialist. At Neway Fertility, we treat all our patients with understanding and compassion. A sperm analysis consultation will allow you to discuss your concerns and gives you the option of requesting sperm analysis.

Our goal is to help couples find solutions to infertility problems at our NYC offices. Men who are worried about diminishing sperm health can also avail of our sperm banking service. Throughout every aspect of consultation and treatment, patient confidentiality is guaranteed.

Reach out to Neway Fertility today if you would like a sperm health consultation. Alternatively, you can call to discuss any of the other services that we offer in New York City.

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