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Pursuing Surrogacy as a Single Father New York, NY
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As the idea of what makes up a family continues to progress, more men are exploring single fatherhood. Many of the barriers men faced are disappearing as the idea of parenthood evolves. Single dads can find like-minded individuals through various groups, just like single moms. Areas once reserved for women, such as changing tables in public restrooms, are now available for men’s rooms. Many places have facilities reserved for families, with equal access for either parent.

It’s true that pursuing surrogacy as a single father is not as common as single motherhood, but the numbers grow every day. The ever-changing definitions of parenthood result in strong supports from family, friends and society. While many single parents stem from previous relationships, men wanting children without a partner can choose surrogacy to fulfill their desire to be parents.

Options for Surrogacy

Although some women become parents through their own pregnancies, it is not uncommon for couples or single women to choose surrogacy as their path to parenthood. This same option is available to single men.

When pursuing surrogacy as a single father, men often choose a surrogate by asking a friend or relative. If this is not your preferred option, you can select your donor egg from Neway Fertility’s database. Another agency will connect you with a gestational surrogate. All surrogates are thoroughly screened to ensure their physical and mental health are compatible with the conditions of surrogacy.

Protections for Single Fathers

As you begin your surrogacy journey, we can help you connect with a lawyer specializing in reproductive law. This protects your family by ensuring you are the sole legal parent from the beginning of the process. It clearly lays out that both gestational surrogates and egg donors have no parental rights. This means you can focus on becoming a parent on your own terms.

Choosing to be a single father via gestational surrogacy is a complex decision. Becoming a dad is ultimately one of the most rewarding parts of a man’s life. If single fatherhood is your path to parenthood, contact Neway Fertility today through our website or call (212) 750-3330.

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