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Five Misconceptions About Egg Freezing New York, NY
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You’ve thought about starting a family but “now just isn’t the time.” Maybe you haven’t met the right partner, or you’re focusing on building your career, or you simply don’t feel ready. You’ve probably heard about (and even considered) egg freezing. But for all the information out there, there’s an almost equal amount of misinformation.

Here are the most common misconceptions we hear about egg freezing:

I can’t afford to freeze my eggs.

Cryopreservation costs less than a lot of patients think, and, depending on circumstances, it’s sometimes covered by insurance. Even if you pay out of pocket, some fertility clinics offer financing options for egg freezing.

I want to freeze my eggs, but I don’t have enough sick time or time off to get it done.

Freezing your eggs doesn’t have to disrupt your life. While it’s true that you might need to visit your fertility clinic four to six times for monitoring, those visits can often be done early in the morning before work. After that, the egg retrieval can be done on a Saturday, so you’ll have a full 24 hours to take it easy and be back at work Monday.

I heard that this process could cause fertility issues in the future.

There is no evidence that egg freezing reduces a woman’s chances of conceiving on her own in the future.

I can’t deal with giving myself shots or dealing with the side effects.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to give yourself the injections. At Neway, our nurses give individual tutorials to our patients, so you’ll know exactly what to do — and how to make it easier for yourself. The side effects are minimal, and most women go about their daily lives while on the meds.

I’ll have to do IVF in the future.

Well, yes and no. Yes, using your frozen eggs one day would require IVF; however, egg freezing is a backup plan. Most women who freeze their eggs ultimately do not need to use them. Still, egg-freezing patients have peace of mind knowing they have eggs preserved if they can’t get pregnant when they decide it’s time to do so.

Egg freezing is easier than you think, and if you still have questions about it, talk to us. Make an appointment and discuss your options with one of our doctors.

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