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Fertility Treatments to Boost Your Chances of Getting Pregnant with Endometriosis New York, NY
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Endometriosis makes it difficult for thousands of women to have children, but there is hope. Inflamed tissue growing outside of the uterus can lead to scarring and lesions that can damage healthy eggs and sperm. While there is no cure for this condition, there are treatment options that can help relieve distress with infertility issues. Here are three fertility treatments that can boost your chances of getting pregnant if you have endometriosis.

In-Vitro Fertilization

In-vitro fertilization treatment involves taking medications to help stimulate the lost egg production caused by endometriosis. Mature eggs are removed from the ovaries using a needle guided by ultrasound technology. These eggs are then blended with sperm in a carefully controlled laboratory setting and allowed to develop into embryos. Any viable embryos are placed into the uterus to help grow a healthy baby.

Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine insemination helps with fertility issues from endometriosis by implanting sperm directly into the uterus. This procedure is done during a woman’s ovulation time with minimal discomfort. You may need to take medication for several days before treatment to increase your chances of ovulation. Success rates are not as high as in-vitro fertilization with endometriosis, but it can be effective over time if done on a monthly basis with other medical treatments. This treatment option can be ideal for couples with unexplained fertility issues.

Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy may be an option if fertility issues from endometriosis make it difficult for your body to carry a baby throughout an entire pregnancy. The chosen surrogate is impregnated through in-vitro fertilization. Neway Fertility specialists can help you with all the resources and guidance if this process is an option for you.

Experienced Fertility Treatment in New York City You Can Trust

Fertility issues can be caused by endometriosis and other similar health conditions. Neway Fertility can help you explore all your options to relieve your discomfort and have a healthy and successful pregnancy. With over ten years of experience, you can trust the caring and compassionate staff and doctors to help you make your dreams of parenthood come true. Call to schedule an appointment for a consultation today.

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