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Fertility Solution for Men Who Want to Be a Single Dad New York, NY
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Not just women want to be independent parents; some men want to be single dads. With Neway Fertility’s help, this dream is attainable, and we will support you from the first consultation to birth.

Perhaps you are a successful businessman who spent all your time establishing your company, or you have been dating for years and still not found Mr. or Mrs. Right, are divorced without children or deployed in the military. Whatever your reason, it is not too late or impossible to have children.

How Can a Single Dad Have a Baby?

Men who feel a biological connection is paramount will require surrogacy and egg donation. Thus, their journey to single parenthood begins by selecting a surrogate and an egg donor.

You can also pick a traditional surrogate who provides her eggs to be fertilized by your sperm. But this is usually not advisable as there’s a risk of attachment. Therefore, we will help you select an egg donor and a gestational surrogate instead. A gestational surrogate carries a baby conceived with someone else’s egg and your sperm.

Surrogacy for Single Fathers

The only significant distinction between surrogacy for couples and surrogacy for single parents is that couples usually use the prospective mother’s egg and the prospective father’s sperm.

On the other hand, a single intending father uses his own sperm and an egg from a donor, but the rest of the procedure is the same. First, in a laboratory, an embryo is formed. Then, the embryo is subsequently put into the surrogate mother via in vitro fertilization, who then carries the baby to term.

Egg Donor and Surrogate Requirements

Egg donors should be healthy and 21-32 years old because a woman’s eggs are best during these years. They can be a family friend, a relative, frozen eggs from our Egg Bank or an individual selected by us from our database of eligible donors.

Donors are thoroughly screened to eliminate potential issues. FDA-recommended screenings include infectious disease tests. In addition, the donor must fill out a genetic, fertility and gynecologic history questionnaire.

As with the egg donor, you can choose the gestational surrogate yourself or go through an agency that picks one for you. Whoever it is, they will also need to complete extensive testing.

Start Your Journey to Fatherhood with Neway Fertility

Surrogacy is a fantastic choice if you have reached the stage in your life where you are ready to have children but do not yet have a partner. For additional information on how to start your single parent journey, call Neway Fertility today.

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