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Effects of Excess Weight on Fertility New York, NY
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When you are trying to start a family and it is not going as planned, it can be frustrating. Fertility is more complex than many people realize, and many factors can impact your fertility. While there are serious conditions that can cause infertility and require more in-depth treatments, there are also lifestyle and health issues that may be affecting your ability to become pregnant or have a successful live birth. Excess weight may be contributing to your difficulty conceiving. Here is how fertility can be impacted in overweight men and women.

Male Fertility and Excess Weight

There are multiple impacts on male fertility that are caused by obesity or excess weight. Carrying extra fat on the body affects sperm production, hormone levels, erectile function, and much more. For men struggling to conceive, it may be related to their weight. Some of the effects of excess weight on male fertility include:

  • Hormone imbalances. Fat cells produce estrogen which can contribute to low testosterone and hormone imbalances. Low testosterone can affect sexual performance, including reducing libido and resulting in erectile dysfunction.
  • Sperm health. Obesity in males can affect the health of sperm down to a cellular level. This can affect the quality and quantity of healthy sperm, reducing the chance of conceiving, even when using fertility treatments.
  • Reduction of live births. There are studies that show that overweight men’s sperm can impact the rate of live births in women receiving IVF treatments.

While excess weight is only one factor, it can have a significant effect on fertility in men. Losing weight and choosing a healthier lifestyle can have a positive impact on increasing the chance of conceiving.

Female Fertility and Excess Weight

Women that are overweight have the potential to have fertility issues. The more excess weight a woman carries, the higher her chance of experiencing low fertility. Part of this is due to the production of leptin, a hormone that is produced in fatty tissue. High levels of leptin can disrupt the menstrual cycle and hormone balance.

Excess weight, especially in women with BMIs of over 27, can greatly reduce ovulation and egg quality. Hormonal changes resulting in insulin resistance and irregular menstruation all can reduce the chance of becoming pregnant. Excess weight in females is also linked with PCOS, a common cause of infertility.

Is Excess Weight Impacting Your Fertility?

Just because you are overweight and experiencing fertility concerns does not mean that weight is the only issue. While losing weight by eating healthier and staying active is a good place to start, you may have other fertility issues with either partner that are standing in the way of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy.

There are so many different factors that can affect fertility, including excess weight. If you are ready to talk to a fertility specialist to help you begin the family you always wanted, come see us at Neway Fertility. We offer all types of fertility testing and treatments to help you achieve your goals. Call us today at our office in NYC.weigh

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