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3 Common Causes of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss New York, NY
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Miscarriages can have a devastating impact on your physical and emotional health.  Approximately 20% of all pregnancies can result in miscarriages. Recurrent pregnancy loss is defined as the loss of two or more clinical pregnancies during the early stages. By determining the cause for these heartbreaking losses, you can move forward to a happy and healthy pregnancy. Here are three common causes of recurrent pregnancy loss and what you can do to increase your chances of conception.

Genetic Abnormalities

Certain genetic dispositions from you or your significant other can pass on abnormalities to the fetus, resulting in a miscarriage. Poor egg quality from advanced maternal age can be one cause of genetic abnormalities. Approximately half of all miscarriages within the first few months of pregnancy can occur from genetic abnormalities. Genetic testing can help identify common abnormalities affecting your ability to conceive.

Hormonal Imbalances

Recurrent pregnancy loss can also occur from hormonal imbalances. Corpus luteum deficiency can lead to insufficient progesterone levels to prepare and sustain the inner layer of the uterus for pregnancy. Uncontrolled diabetes, thyroid disease and insulin resistance can result in an increased risk of miscarriage. Correcting these hormonal disturbances can create a positive outcome for a healthy pregnancy.


Several types of bacterial and viral infections such as German measles and herpes can lead to recurrent pregnancy loss. Infection from chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases can be harmful to fetal development. Environmental toxins can create allergic reactions and infections that increase your risk of miscarriage. Current research is being conducted on the impact of COVID-19 with pregnancy complications. Consulting a fertility specialist can help you identify the source of your infection so you can receive proper medical treatment.

Get Help and Support for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

While heartbreaking, recurrent pregnancy loss can be treatable. Even with three miscarriages, women can still have up to an 80% chance of carrying a full-term pregnancy. The fertility experts at Neway Fertility can help identify and treat common causes of frequent miscarriages. Achieve your dream of building a family. Get help and support for recurrent pregnancy loss by requesting a consultation today.

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