The Importance of vitamin D in Your Reproduction

sunshine baby jpegThis isn’t all entirely news, but what you may not know is that Vitamin D is extremely important when you are planning to have a child.  The relevance of Vitamin D in reproduction isn’t necessarily the first factor you think about when you’re planning to have a child, but it should be.  Vitamin D is important for bone health, but is also important for healthy reproduction.

I published an article about my research on the relevance of vitamin D in reproduction in 2012.  I discovered that men are much more likely to have healthier sperm concentration, motility and morphology with healthy levels of Vitamin D compared to men with a deficiency of the nutrient.  Vitamin D also showed to be linked to sperm maturation, overall testicular function.

Vitamin D is also extremely important for women and their pregnancy.  Women who may be having issues with their fertility will find that having healthy levels of vitamin D will increase their ovarian follicular fluid levels.  Why is this important?  When follicular fluid levels are higher, there’s a higher success rate for pregnancy for women after receiving their embryo transfer. There’s also a direct association with women’s vitamin D levels and the outcome of their IVF cycles.

Women suffering from PCOS will find that the absorption of vitamin D has a therapeutic effect on their condition.  While I am not able to tell you that vitamin D deficiencies are the absolute contributors to the pathogenesis of PCOS and excess body mass, it has been shown that women with PCOS who went under a dietary supplementation of vitamin D improved their insulin sensitivity.  Insulin resistance, obesity, inflammation and dyslipidemia are all well associated in the setting of vitamin D insufficiency.

On the average, you consume between 800 and 1000mg of vitamin D every day will give you healthy levels in your system.  There are a number of foods that are rich in vitamin D: a serving of Cod Liver Oil in the morning with boiled egg and avocado, Portobello mushrooms, a handful of almonds, or even caviar when you’re treating yourself are a few easy ways you can assure you’re getting what you need for your body. For those of us that are fortunate  to live in climates where we are regularly able to spend time in the sun (with a little sunscreen, of course) we likely get enough. However, more than 35% of Americans have been reported to suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, and sun exposure isn’t the only way our bodies receive it. Your diet plays a major part in how this important nutrient is absorbed in our system.

I, along with my team at Neway wants you to become the healthiest you can be and I encourage you to talk to your physician.  If you have any further questions about how vitamin D plays a part in your every day health call us at (212) 750-3330 or you can tweet me directly at @drjanelleluk.

The Evolution of Family

We are constantly progressing in technology and modern medicine. We are also evolving in our ideas of what makes a family and how it helps shape our world today. What we have now is a vastly broad definition of what makes a family – and that’s so exciting! We see families of all different sizes and shapes, and at Neway we are very enthusiastic in aiding the creation of today’s modern family.

Whether you’re a same sex couple looking to conceive, a woman who’s delayed motherhood and wants a child on her own, a heterosexual couple struggling to have a child, an individual looking to start a family, or in any other situation of a family wanting children, we are here to help.

Our staff includes single parents, and members of the LGBT community who have completed a fertility journey themselves, giving us a unique perspective on the ever-evolving modern family. You can find more information about the options we offer here.

We understand that starting any family comes with its own unique challenges and we are here to help you every step of the way. There are many different options for starting your family in a way that your needs best. No family is exactly alike, and we pride ourselves on offering customized treatment that makes sense for YOU.

The Advantages of IVM (on Fox News)

What is IMV and how does this infertility alternative help women get pregnant? Dr. Luk has the answers.

Any woman who is struggling with infertility will tell you that one of the worst parts of going through in vitro fertilization (IVF) are the daily hormone injections. For some women, those injections can sometimes be dangerous. In Vitro Maturation (IVM) has the potential to improve the chances for women to have babies without a long course of hormones.

Click the image to read the full article on what Dr. Luk has to say about why IVM can be the solution.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 5.14.01 PM

The Female Approach: Why It’s Important to Have Women Doctors At the Forefront of Medicine

Thanks in no small part to Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, the conversation around the need for more female executives at top companies has grown louder over the past couple years. And studies have shown that this may have something to do with women’s management styles and approaches.

At Neway Fertility, we believe that it is equally important to have female voices at the forefront of medicine, especially when it comes to fertility. “Women need to feel like the providers understand them from a female perspective—not only biologically but also from a social perspective,” says Dr. Janelle Luk, Medical Director at Neway Fertility. “In many instances, women have to balance work and fertility treatment appointments while dealing with the tremendous stress that goes along with that treatment. A female provider who is also a working woman will be more sensitive to that aspects of patients care.”

Findings from other studies have also revealed that patients, regardless of gender, tend to be more assertive with women doctors, interrupting them and asking questions more frequently. While some experts have construed these interruptions as a sign of decreased respect, others contend that they in fact reflect a greater sense of comfort on the part of the patient. “Interruptions are not necessarily bad,” Dr. Hall observed. “They can be a sign of empowerment and of participation. Patients feel like they are really talking.”

We welcome this sort of open dialogue at Neway Fertility and pride ourselves on customized treatment for all of our patients.

Keep Your Options Open With Egg Freezing

One of the most discussed fertility topics among women today is egg freezing. It’s not uncommon for women in the their twenties and thirties to bring up the issue over brunch and mimosas—and that’s a good thing. We should be talking about it more.

At Neway Fertility we are all about options. The ability to freeze one’s eggs often allows women to put their minds more at ease about wanting to delay starting a family in order to focus elsewhere, like on their careers. Of course there are no guarantees, but being aware of all of your choices as early as possible is a great step to lessening fertility anxiety down the road.

As always we want to arm our patients with the most information possible to help them make decisions about family planning and fertility. And egg freezing is one of the first options available to a young woman, as it is about investing in the future, even a possibly far-off future.

To that end we are hosting a Freeze the Clock event in New York City on October 1st to share our knowledge with patients looking for answers to their many questions like “Am I too old to freeze my eggs?” “What is the perfect age?” and “How much does it cost?” We’ll also educate women about our unique In vitro maturation (IVM) treatment, which allows for egg harvesting without the use of fertility drugs.

“This egg freezing event is not only for women who are interested in freezing eggs in hopes of having a child in the future, but also for women who simply want to learn about their bodies and increase their ‘reproductive wisdom’”, says Dr. Janelle Luk. “We are all so busy with our lives and careers in New York City and there are so many things that are out of our control. We want to empower women. And through this event, we, as women, can gain back control of our biological clocks and improve our reproductive health and awareness. Please join us and gain control!”

Hope to see you in October, but if you can’t make it please take a look at the information about egg freezing at Neway Fertility here and contact us at 212-750-3330 to inquire further.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you along your fertility journey.