Conventional IVF

Conventional IVF

For many patients, conventional IVF is the fastest route to a successful pregnancy. In conventional IVF, a woman receives indivually tailed medications in order to stimulate many eggs to grow and develop. During this stimulation, she is monitored in our office every 2-3 days and the medications are adjusted on a daily basis to achieve the best outcome. When the eggs are ready, a procedure is performed in our office (“egg retrieval”) to collect the eggs and prepare them for fertilization. After retrieval, the eggs are fertilized with sperm and allowed to develop in our laboratory for 3-5 days. These resulting embryo (s) are ultimately transferred in the uterus at the optimal time, allowing for implantation and development of a pregnancy

While we are experts in a wide variety of treatments, converntional IVF remains a safe and effective method for majority of people. In many patients, conventional IVF gives them the opportunity to create a larger number of eggs and therefore a larger number of healthy embryos, ultimatlely increasing the chances of pregnancy. Furthermore, many of our patients completing conventional IVF have “extra” embryos that can be frozen for future us.

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