Become An Egg Donor

Become An Egg Donor

Aside from financial compensation of up to $10,000, there are several reasons to consider becoming an egg donor. The first and most important is wanting to help others fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. In addition, part of the screening process is a complimentary in-depth evaluation of your reproductive and overall health.

Requirements to Become an Egg Donor
• Good physical and psychological health
• Between ages 20 and 30
• Non-smoker
• BMI (body mass index) no greater than 25 (you can measure your BMI here).
• Not currently using drugs
• No history of substance abuse
• Not adopted
• Willing to take injections
• Reliable and able to make and keep appointments
• Willing to travel to New York City or Greenwich, CT or Bridgeport, CT for testing

Egg Donor FAQs
Which are the requirements to become an Egg Donor?What are the steps for donating?What are some benefits in donating my eggs at Neway Fertility?Does donating eggs affect my own fertility?Does it hurt?How many times can I donate?
• BMI under 25
• Between 20 and 30 years of age
• Non-smoker
• Has been sexually active (at least once)
• Not adopted
• Willing to take injections
• Dependable, and able to make and keep appointments
• Normal ovarian reserve (we will test qualified applicants)
• Ask our donor coordinator for a complete list of requirements
• Willing to travel to New York City or Greenwich, CT or Bridgeport, CT for testing
1. Complete application
2. Schedule interview with our donor coordinator
3. Interview with social worker
4. Medical screening: blood, infectious disease, and genetic testing, as well as a vaginal ultrasound and physical exam
5. Matching process
6. Medication protocol
7. Egg retrieval
8. Post-egg-retrieval follow-up
In addition to generous compensation up to $10,000, you will receive gift cards for referring friends to become donors. You’ll also get a free physical exam and learn more about the state of your own fertility. Donating eggs at Neway Fertility also means that you’ll have a caring staff who’ll hold your hand every step of the way; that’s why so many of our donors will donate with us more than once. (You can donate up to six times.)
Studies have shown that egg donation does not decrease your chances for future pregnancies.
While on medication and after your egg retrieval, you may feel bloated, similar to menstrual cramps before your period.
It is recommended that donors should not exceed more than six donations in total.

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