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Ralf Zimmermann, MD

Ralf Zimmermann, MD

Reproductive Endocrinologist & Infertility Specialist

Dr. Ralf Zimmermann comes from an accomplished background in reproductive endocrinology and assisted reproductive technologies (ART), with a special interest in the psychological factors of infertility treatment. Having completed residencies at Yale University in Obstetrics & Gynecology as well as Psychiatry along with a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Zimmermann brings a unique psychological perspective to the table when working to best meet each of his patient’s needs.

In a rich and varied clinical as well as academic experience from more than twenty years on the faculty at Columbia University’s Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, his work is informed by a depth of understanding brought about by rigorous scientific investigation, a commitment to clinical excellence and a high degree of attunement to the stresses that any patient undergoing treatment may be facing, either with their respective partner or as a patient seeking to address infertility issues without a partner.

During his tenure at Columbia, he was made director of oncofertility and was particularly interested in establishing treatment protocols for cancer patients to ensure the most effective approaches for preserving future possibilities for conception.

As part of his teaching and supervising of fellows and medical students, he felt privileged to hold the position of Director of the Audobon Clinic of Reproductive Medicine, founded by Columbia University to provide services to low-income patients. Originally from Germany, Dr. Zimmermann received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Hamburg and is fluent in German, Spanish and French, accommodating many European patients in need of egg donation or other services that are not as readily available outside of the U.S.

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