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AvatarEmily Starkes asked 2 years ago

i has to have a Supracervical hyster and then several years later had my left ovary removed. The right one is fine from what I’m being told. What is the process to have my eggs removed and to invitro with my husband? My sister is willing to carry for me. Please point me in the right direction. Thank you.

AvatarDr. Daniel Kort replied 2 years ago

Hi Emily –

Yes, this is something we can help with.
Briefly, your ovaries are simulated with medications to produce multiple follicles, which contain eggs.
The eggs are then retrieved in a brief office based procedure.
On the day of this retrieval, your husband provides a sperm sample for fertilization and the embryos are created and develop in our lab for 5-6 days.
The gestational carrier (your sister) is then prepared to receive the embryo and the embryo is transferred into her uterus.

As this is a very broad overview of the process, I would suggest you schedule a consultation with me or one of my colleagues to review the process in detail. You can request a call back through our website or call our front desk – 212-750-3330

Best – Daniel Kort, MD

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