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AvatarJeong suk kim asked 2 years ago

Hello, this is suk who wishes to receive IUI with donated sperm if my condition is allowed.
First of all, in my case, do I have to contact a sperm bank by myself or could you help me with this issue as well?
Second, how much cost do I need to expect without any insurance?
Third, how much time period am I supposed to expect and how many times do I need to see a doctor for this one time procedure?

Please, help me out. Thanks!

1 Answers
AvatarDr. Daniel Kort answered 2 years ago

Hi Suk –
Thank you for your interest.
1. For donor sperm insemination, you will purchase sperm from a local or national sperm bank. We will guide you on how to purchase the sperm and help arrange shipment to our fertility center.
2. The cost varies depeding on the exact type of treatment cycle, but is usually between $1000 and $2000, not including purchasing the sperm.
3. A typical insemination cycle takes about 2 weeks (starting with the beginning of a menstrual period) and you will see the doctor 2-3 times.
Please let us know if you have more questions or we can help in any way!
Best – Daniel Kort, MD

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