Natural Cycle IVF/M is a type of in-vitro fertilization cycle that requires very little to no medication at all. This will allow for a naturally selected, mature egg to be retrieved. In addition to this mature egg, the immature eggs from the smaller follicles will also be retrieved.

This type of cycle is ideal for individuals with certain diagnoses that require little to no medications.  This is also beneficial for those in need of completing a cycle in a short time frame because it does not require preparation time.

A patient will return to the office for 5-6 days of monitoring to determine follicular growth and to determine when ovulation will occur, allowing the doctor to determine when the egg retrieval should take place. Once retrieved, the mature egg is fertilized in our laboratory. The immature eggs are matured in the laboratory and then fertilized. They are allowed to develop in culture for 3 to 5 days after fertilization. The embryo is then transferred back into the woman.