Mind and Body


Your mindset is one of the most important variables in conceiving.  The first step of infertility treatment is to stop telling yourself you can’t get pregnant.  The fundamental concept and starting point of mind-body medicine is having a ‘mind-body connection’.  Combating stress not only helps with conceiving in infertility treatments, but also helps improve self-esteem which is essential in having a healthy journey.

Neway offers youMind&BodyRoom access to our “Mind & Body Suite”, equipped with the most advanced alternative medical resources to accompany your clinical visit.  All of your senses are engaged as you enter a warm, relaxing space to help you decompress from any outside factors you may have encountered before your visit.  The Mind & Body Suite is available to all patients during their visit, and we especially encourage spending as much time as you feel necessary before or after any procedure (especially IUI or IVF Transfers).

We are the only practice in New York City to offer you a wide range of specific and systematic treatment methods involving autogenic relaxation,  music therapy, meditation, and aromatherapy.  A personally assigned attendant will assure you will gain the most from your time.