Brooke R.

“Neway is the absolute best clinic with the absolute best staff. I’ve been on the receiving  end of good and bad news and have always felt fully supported in all circumstances. The receptionist staff is amazing. Marco, Gilmara, Tiffany, and Melissa are extremely helpful. Their friendly smiles greet me when I walk in the door and they’ve been extremely helpful with my questions and connecting me to the nurses staff when necessary. I’ve spoken to Marco on several occasions and he’s always patient and accommodating. Tiffany and Gilmara were instrumental in moving along a process with paperwork for my job; it was time sensitive and I’ll never forget the day Gilmara told me, “I’ll call you no later than 6.” She kept her word. I was seeking information, but she made sure that it was completed… by 6- literally above and beyond.

It’s been quite a journey for me made much easier because of the nurses staff. Demaris is no longer at Neway and she is missed. She was engaging and kind. I’m grateful for Angelica who’s also been in the room for a few of my visits and procedures and her presence is comforting.

I can’t say enough about Lisa- she’s amazing. She’s been there for my good and bad news; she is a quiet presence, but when she shares information it is helpful beyond what I can express. She’s a great addition!

Marlene… where do I begin. Marlene has been a “friend” throughout this process. I know that it’s incredibly busy in the office, but she’s been available  for me everytime. She celebrates the highs and she’s also and hand to hold for the lows.

Now the phlebotomists team: Demi and Cyndle are really great energy in the room. I see them briefly, but it’s always a pleasant interaction. I look forward to seeing Millie because she’s a delightful distraction from getting pricked. I still hate it, but she chats me through it every time. She’s awesome! I was unable to get to the clinic on time for bloodwork, but I was eager to know the results. Millie and Cyndle saw to it that my bloodwork was processed so that I’d be privy to the results. What they did was truly above and beyond. They make you feel cared for!

The billing team: Cynthia was the best and it’s unfortunate she’s no longer there, but Nury, is also the best. She’s been so helpful to my husband and I. There were a few bumps in the road and she made them smooth. I’m grateful for Nury’s willingness to be as helpful as she’s been.

I didn’t intend for this review to be so long, and there’s so much more that I can say, but I’ll stop… finally, however I’ll write a separate review geared toward Dr. Luk and Dr. Nejat who are also amazing.

I’ve grown incredibly fond of this group of people and I choose Neway because of them. Again, this is an environment where you feel cared for. I highly recommend Neway!”

-Brooke R., 3/30/2017, Yelp Review

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