Alicia C.

“This place is amazing. Seriously. I’ve been to several other clinics that were nightmares, and this is the polar opposite in every way. Four beautiful, spacious, modern floors with state-of the art equipment- coffee and tea bar in the waiting room, plenty of space to sit, and exam rooms seem brand-new and very clean, comfortable, and private. 

Every staff member we have come across has been caring, extremely competent, and efficient. Dr. Nejat and staff take time to gently go over every concern and question, explain everything as they’re doing it, and follow up assiduously via phone and email. I’m not sure what the experience was with that one-star Yelper, but I can tell you that they did an extremely thorough job with all my ultrasounds (took digital measurements, explained things, etc that all went instantly to my digital chart) and they tracked ovulation very closely. The billing reps and nurses are in close contact with my insurance and pharmacy to make sure all approvals are given so I don’t have to stress about it, and they empower me with information. 

Every procedure has been comfortable, quick, and as stress-free as possible. My husband and I are using them for IUI with a donor, but I’d recommend them for anyone needing fertility treatment. I’ve been through some terrible experiences with other doctors, and I mean it when I say that, once you walk through the door, they take care of everything. Do yourself a favor and go here- it’s worth the wait! 

P.s. When we called initially it was going to be three months before we could get a new patient appointment, but they kindly agreed to put me on a waiting list and I got in after only a month. I can’t imagine having to go through a cycle with the other RE I went to.”

-Alicia C., 4/3/2017, Yelp Review

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