In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Depending upon your initial fertility consultation, our doctors may recommend In Vitro Fertilization for your fertility journey.

Preparation for IVF can vary depending on which treatment plan is best suited for you. We are partners with you in this journey and will always listen to your wishes regarding how much medication will play a part in your procedure.  We specialize in the following:

Natural IVF – IVF with no stimulatory medications.

Mild IVF – IVF with minimal stimulatory medications to produce eggs for retrieval by the physician.

Conventional IVF – IVF consisting of daily injections to stimulate egg production.

“Dr. Luk’s passion, compassion and down-to-earth direct communication makes her a truly great doctor. She is driven to get good results for her patients and also immersed in the complicated science of fertility. We would recommend her to anyone seeking IVF/fertility treatment.”

MaryNeway Patient

“Dr. Nejat is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had! He’s extremely competent, caring, and knows how to put patients at ease during challenging moments common to IVF. In addition to the depth of his medical knowledge, he’s incredibly compassionate and has an amazing bedside manner. Dr. Nejat always took time to listen to and answer all of my questions. It was a great comfort to have such a competent doctor with an easy-going and confident approach. Thanks to Dr. Nejat and an IVF cycle with him, I am now pregnant. My husband and I are beyond words grateful to him for his exceptional medical care. I wish he could also be my obstetrician, so that he could be my doctor throughout pregnancy, too.”

Verified Patientvia Vitals.com

Amazing facility both Dr. Luk and Dr. Nejat are good and great doctors…. I was a patient of Dr. Luk and even though I was in for a traditional IVF, Dr. Luk suggested me to go for a mini-IVF…and it worked, Dr. Luk did my egg retrieval and Dr. Nejat my egg transfer. They specially opened their offices on a Sunday to do our egg transfer, only for us!!!!  And guess what? I’m Pregnant the first time after 4 years of trying!!!

Both have God gifted skills and expertise…!!!  I had gone to RMA-NY, NYU Fertility , CNY Fertility, and got nothing but just forcing us to a conventional IVF !! But this was the best, my final destination, both for money and service / treatment given to us!!! Both are kind heart’d, will work with you, hear your problems/concerns and will even share their personal number if you have any problems!!! In addition, kudos to all the nurses we met, Rose/Juany/Dee/ Rachel, Qing and few more… they all were amazing!!! Highly recommend!!!!

NTNeway Patient

Dr. Nejat is a brilliant and caring doctor. Being a naturally skeptical person, I always had a lot of doubts about his recommendations but he was proven right every single time. Over time this built trust and respect.  He listened to my concerns and questions and always addressed them. Even when we disagreed, I always felt respected. He is a wonderful doctor and human being. He suggested for us 3 IUIs followed by IVF. He was confident that we would be pregnant with IUI but we needed IVF. He used an antagonist protocol with us since I have an above average AMH, but no PCOS. It turned out to be perfect since we got a healthy retrieval of 16 eggs and 8 blastocysts, which for my age of 35 is pretty decent. We transferred two and are 3 months pregnant with a singleton. [The nursing staff] were great. Punctual with instructions and lab results. Young and cheerful. I will absolutely go to him for a second child!

Verified Patientvia Fertility IQ

It turned out Dr. Luk was so accommodating and made her effort to see us on a Saturday morning. Since I’ve never been through IVF treatment before, Dr. Luk explained everything that I am interested to know patiently. The reason that I had 3 retrievals but only 4 transfers is because of my low AMH. I was almost hit down by the second failure as the grade of the embryos transferred were pretty good. Dr. Luk is always positive. She said I should be pregnant under her care even though she cannot explain the failures. To find out the reason, she recommended PGD. I was almost ready to invest roughly $5,000 on PGD to either succeed faster with high-tech embryo selection or free myself from hopeless torture. Interestingly, there were only handful good embryos left for PGD on Day 5. After discussion with Dr. Luk, we decided to let the body test other than doing PGD. Seems our decision was rational and right, we saved money and the embryo from possible damage from testing.

Lila G. Neway Patient

Accommodating. Pleasant. Much less of a zoo and much more sensitive to the patients personal / emotional needs than all of the more well known “high end” and WAY more impersonal IVF docs in NYC.

DDNeway Patient

The staff at Neway is incredibly helpful, empathetic and kind in helping patients go through IVF.  They empower people by providing them with medical knowledge in a manner that is clear without being dumbed down.

The staff treats you as a whole person, not just defined by biology.  They collaborate and worked well together, and if all medical offices were like this one, the medical system would have a better reputation.

I am particularly thankful to have the privilege to work with and be treated by Dr. Nejat, Rachael, Rose, Qing and Juany.  When I asked, Dr. Lee and Nellie took the time to explain the science of the process and how it pertained to my and my spouse’s particular case, which made me feel more confident in what was determined to be the right process for us.

I would recommend Neway for anyone with fertility issues, as they understand the biological and emotional stakes involved.

NRNeway Patient