Treatment Costs

While the definition of family has continued to evolve through the years, insurance company guidelines haven’t entirely progressed to the pace of modern times. As a standard, couples must prove medical necessity for infertility treatments before their insurance companies will consider covering the costs of services.  This means donor and surrogate treatments given to same-sex couples are not typically recognized by insurances as a covered benefit.

Couples who have an insurance plan that our office accepts have our financial team to help verify which steps leading up to the treatment might be covered.  These details are discussed in detail after your first appointment with us. Once you are ready to begin the process, our team will provide you with various options of surrogacy agencies, all of which will guide you through choosing a gestational carrier.

Surrogate cycles have varied costs.  Our billing department and the agencies we partner with will be able to outline all details for you, so you are well informed of anticipated costs ahead of time.

Donor IVF

Neway can refer you to one of many agencies we work with, or we can help you to choose a candidate from our own network of donors.  Our IVF coordinators will help you to decide which option is best for you.  Most insurance companies do not currently recognize donor cycles as a covered service. Our financial team will work on your behalf, verifying all coverage details prior to your treatment and will discuss any potential costs with you. The total price of donor cycles can range drastically depending upon the specific type of treatment you are planning on.  We make sure that you are offered the best option while taking consideration of all factors.