Female to Male Transition

Whether partnered or currently single, if you are not wishing to conceive prior to transitioning (prior to beginning any type of hormonal treatment), there are fertility preserving options available for you!

      • Egg Freezing – Through a medicated or natural menstrual cycle, we will monitor you to determine the best timing to retrieve your eggs, cryopreserve, and store them for your future use at Neway.
      • Reciprocal IVF – One female partner’s eggs are retrieved, fertilized by the donor sperm, and placed in the other females uterus.
      • Timed Intercourse – We will monitor you throughout your menstrual cycle to determine the best timing for you to have intercourse.

If you have already transitioned with hormonal treatment and wish to use your own eggs, we can also help. Under close supervision by our physicians, it is possible to discontinue hormonal treatment and in some cases resume fertility possibilities (pregnancy, IUI, IVF, Reciprocal IVF).  Once eggs are procured, we can help you resume hormonal treatment if you wish.