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Our story:
It’s been a year since my first consultation with Dr. Luk. Along the way, I’ve been through 3 IUIs, 1 hysteroscopy, 3 egg retrievals, 4 transfers and finally, I’m pregnant! It’s the best gift to my husband for our 10th anniversary. Except consultation at NYU Langone Center, I did not go to other facilities for any treatment. Before my last transfer, I brought my medical history to Dr. Fino at NYU Langone for the second opinion, she said Dr. Luk did everything right and herself would go through the same protocol. Thank god, I had faith in Dr. Luk and now we are successful.

About Dr. Luk:
Dr. Luk is more than knowledgeable, enthusiastic, informative, and caring. At the time I was looking for a fertility center, I was told that new patient consultation can only be scheduled during the business day which is true at many facilities. However, I told the nurse, Ms. Qing Lin, that I can only visit the clinic on the weekend and I do not want the treatment to be so disturbing  that I have to ask for sick leave from time to time. It turned out Dr. Luk was so accommodating and made her effort to see us on a Saturday morning. Since I’ve never been through IVF treatment before, Dr. Luk explained everything that I am interested to know patiently. The reason that I had 3 retrievals but only 4 transfers is because of my low AMH. I was almost hit down by the second failure as the grade of the embryos transferred were pretty good. Dr. Luk is always positive. She said I should be pregnant under her care even though she cannot explain the failures. To find out the reason, she recommended PGD. I was almost ready to invest roughly $5,000 on PGD to either succeed faster with high-tech embryo selection or free myself from hopeless torture. Interestingly, there were only handful good embryos left for PGD on Day 5. After discussion with Dr. Luk, we decided to let the body test other than doing PGD. Seems our decision was rational and right, we saved money and the embryo from possible damage from testing.

About staff:
The staff at Neway is amazingly friendly, helpful and kind. Thanks to Alexandra’s best wishes on my last transfer. Thanks to Rachel, Rose, Ana, and all the nurses who helped me to ensure prescription was sent to the right pharmacy, pre-authorizations were secured in time. A big thank you to Cynthia at billing department, without her effortless communication with Aetna, my ICSI wouldn’t be approved and that single treatment would cost us $1,500.

About environment:
Their new office is nice, close to Subway. Seems they are having more patients these days. Smart choice, guys. Good luck to everyone!

– Lila G.



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