Genetic Testing

Fertility Tests For Her

Genetic Carrier Screening – testing for specific diseases (including Cystic Fibrosis and Sickle Cell) to determine if you may be a carrier of specific conditions. Being a carrier means that you don’t necessarily have the disorder, but you carry the condition in your genes that you should be aware of. If the other genetic material source (your partner, sperm donor, or egg donor) is a carrier as well then you have a higher chance of passing this condition on to your future child.*

Karyotype Testing or Chromosomal Analysis – Usually performed after recurrent miscarriage loss these texts include a photograph of the chromosomes in your cells. They can then be matched up in pairs and allows us to determine if there are missing, extra, or rearranged genes. These minor changes may not affect you as an individual currently, but can potentially affect your fertility status and your risk for genetically abnormal embryos.

*If both genetic sources are a carrier for a condition tested by genetic carrier screening, we may test the embryo with Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis.  This determination allows us to perform transplants with an embryo that does not have this condition.