Lindsay H.

“My husband and I started our journey in December of 2014.  After a year of negative pregnancy tests, we decided it was time to seek help.  We called Neway desperate for answers.  From the first time we walked in, we were treated as family.  Despite the amount of patients Neway has, every single nurse, receptionist and doctor knows you and your partner by name.  We were always greeted with a warm smile- which made even the hardest days feel a little less dark.  We endured three failed rounds of Clomid prior to seeing Dr Luk.  After a lengthy discussion, and a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility,” we decided to give IUI a try.  Unfortunately, the IUI didn’t take.  Next up, the holy grail of infertility- IVF.  Dr. Luk sat with us and discussed the process step by step. Once she was finished she reached into her top drawer of her desk, where she had a stack of Christmas cards with pictures of smiling little babies, and said, “I look forward to receiving your Christmas card with a picture of your baby.”  This past Christmas, we were lucky enough to send Dr. Luk a Christmas Card/Birth Announcement of our beautiful daughter, Delphina Lynn.  We feel so fortunate to have become part of the Neway family.  On week 9 of my pregnancy, I “graduated” from Neway and it was time to start seeing my regular OBGYN.  I walked out of Neway with tears in my eyes because of the relationship I had built with the entire staff- while I was so grateful to be moving on to my regular OB, I was so sad to be saying goodbye to our Neway family.  Our prayers were answered with the help of an incredible team of doctors and nurses.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Xo- Sean, Lindsay and Delphina”

Lindsay H.6/21/2017
Liz M., Verified ZocDoc Patient

“Very informative, helpful, kind and thorough explanation of procedures and options”

ZocDoc Review

Liz M., Verified ZocDoc Patient5/10/2017
Shaunte M., Verified ZocDoc Patient

“Dr. Zimmerman & his staff were very professional. I felt at ease and comfortable discussing my infertility with him. Everything was broken down so that I understood the next steps.”

ZocDoc Review

Shaunte M., Verified ZocDoc Patient5/12/2017

Stacey L.

“Drs Luk and Nejat are the most caring and knowledgable in this field. I had been to several clinics before Neway and nowhere else compares to this office’s compassion and expertise.

The systems here are state of the art, with a great computerized patient portal and everyone in the office is so kind.

Plus it’s always super easy to actually reach a human at Neway! No insane phone trees to drive you nuts.

This is the best fertility clinic in the city.”

Yelp Review

Stacey L.4/7/2017
Alicia C.

“This place is amazing. Seriously. I’ve been to several other clinics that were nightmares, and this is the polar opposite in every way. Four beautiful, spacious, modern floors with state-of the art equipment- coffee and tea bar in the waiting room, plenty of space to sit, and exam rooms seem brand-new and very clean, comfortable, and private. 

Every staff member we have come across has been caring, extremely competent, and efficient. Dr. Nejat and staff take time to gently go over every concern and question, explain everything as they’re doing it, and follow up assiduously via phone and email. I’m not sure what the experience was with that one-star Yelper, but I can tell you that they did an extremely thorough job with all my ultrasounds (took digital measurements, explained things, etc that all went instantly to my digital chart) and they tracked ovulation very closely. The billing reps and nurses are in close contact with my insurance and pharmacy to make sure all approvals are given so I don’t have to stress about it, and they empower me with information. 

Every procedure has been comfortable, quick, and as stress-free as possible. My husband and I are using them for IUI with a donor, but I’d recommend them for anyone needing fertility treatment. I’ve been through some terrible experiences with other doctors, and I mean it when I say that, once you walk through the door, they take care of everything. Do yourself a favor and go here- it’s worth the wait! 

P.s. When we called initially it was going to be three months before we could get a new patient appointment, but they kindly agreed to put me on a waiting list and I got in after only a month. I can’t imagine having to go through a cycle with the other RE I went to.”

Yelp Review

Alicia C.4/3/2017
Brooke R.

“Neway is the absolute best clinic with the absolute best staff. I’ve been on the receiving  end of good and bad news and have always felt fully supported in all circumstances. The receptionist staff is amazing. Marco, Gilmara, Tiffany, and Melissa are extremely helpful. Their friendly smiles greet me when I walk in the door and they’ve been extremely helpful with my questions and connecting me to the nurses staff when necessary. I’ve spoken to Marco on several occasions and he’s always patient and accommodating. Tiffany and Gilmara were instrumental in moving along a process with paperwork for my job; it was time sensitive and I’ll never forget the day Gilmara told me, “I’ll call you no later than 6.” She kept her word. I was seeking information, but she made sure that it was completed… by 6- literally above and beyond.

It’s been quite a journey for me made much easier because of the nurses staff. Demaris is no longer at Neway and she is missed. She was engaging and kind. I’m grateful for Angelica who’s also been in the room for a few of my visits and procedures and her presence is comforting.

I can’t say enough about Lisa- she’s amazing. She’s been there for my good and bad news; she is a quiet presence, but when she shares information it is helpful beyond what I can express. She’s a great addition!

Marlene… where do I begin. Marlene has been a “friend” throughout this process. I know that it’s incredibly busy in the office, but she’s been available  for me everytime. She celebrates the highs and she’s also and hand to hold for the lows.

Now the phlebotomists team: Demi and Cyndle are really great energy in the room. I see them briefly, but it’s always a pleasant interaction. I look forward to seeing Millie because she’s a delightful distraction from getting pricked. I still hate it, but she chats me through it every time. She’s awesome! I was unable to get to the clinic on time for bloodwork, but I was eager to know the results. Millie and Cyndle saw to it that my bloodwork was processed so that I’d be privy to the results. What they did was truly above and beyond. They make you feel cared for!

The billing team: Cynthia was the best and it’s unfortunate she’s no longer there, but Nury, is also the best. She’s been so helpful to my husband and I. There were a few bumps in the road and she made them smooth. I’m grateful for Nury’s willingness to be as helpful as she’s been.

I didn’t intend for this review to be so long, and there’s so much more that I can say, but I’ll stop… finally, however I’ll write a separate review geared toward Dr. Luk and Dr. Nejat who are also amazing.

I’ve grown incredibly fond of this group of people and I choose Neway because of them. Again, this is an environment where you feel cared for. I highly recommend Neway!”

Yelp Review

Brooke R.3/30/2017
Marlene F.

“There are not enough stars to explain how amazing the experience my fiancé & I have had with Dr Edward Nejat & his office.

Since our initial consult he has taken us by the hand and walked us every step of the way. Always calling to follow up and overall making us feel like we are not just another couple. Dr Nejat has worked closely with my husbands urologist which eliminated the back and fourth.

We are still going through the last of our IVF journey but we have been successful thus far. I highly recommend him. My only complaint is that I can’t clone him & make him my PCP, dentist & etc.

P.s The office is beautiful receptionist are always friendly they offer coffee and tea. The nurses who drew my blood were very sweet one even held my hand while I had blood drawn. Billing was very detailed and went over all the pricing with us. They answered all of our questions and even gave us direct contact information in case we had additional questions (we did of course) & Cynthia responded promptly.”

Yelp Review

Marlene F.12/4/2016

“Dear Nurses, Staff, Billing Office, Management & Everyone at Neway,

Don’t think for a moment that every single one of those small interactions and details you tend to daily goes unnoticed!  The level of care at Neway, in every regard, has far exceeded my expectations & surpassed my previous experiences in the fertility arena.  Every phone call, email, blood draw & interaction felt professional, personalized & caring.  You cannot imagine what a difference this makes under the circumstances.  Thank you, thank you, thank you – and keep going!  It’s been so wonderful to be relieved of the unnecessary stressors of being a patient.  Thanks to each of you.



Lila G.

“Our story:
It’s been a year since my first consultation with Dr. Luk. Along the way, I’ve been through 3 IUIs, 1 hysteroscopy, 3 egg retrievals, 4 transfers and finally, I’m pregnant! It’s the best gift to my husband for our 10th anniversary. Except consultation at NYU Langone Center, I did not go to other facilities for any treatment. Before my last transfer, I brought my medical history to Dr. Fino at NYU Langone for the second opinion, she said Dr. Luk did everything right and herself would go through the same protocol. Thank god, I had faith in Dr. Luk and now we are successful.

About Dr. Luk:
Dr. Luk is more than knowledgeable, enthusiastic, informative, and caring. At the time I was looking for a fertility center, I was told that new patient consultation can only be scheduled during the business day which is true at many facilities. However, I told the nurse, Ms. Qing Lin, that I can only visit the clinic on the weekend and I do not want the treatment to be so disturbing  that I have to ask for sick leave from time to time. It turned out Dr. Luk was so accommodating and made her effort to see us on a Saturday morning. Since I’ve never been through IVF treatment before, Dr. Luk explained everything that I am interested to know patiently. The reason that I had 3 retrievals but only 4 transfers is because of my low AMH. I was almost hit down by the second failure as the grade of the embryos transferred were pretty good. Dr. Luk is always positive. She said I should be pregnant under her care even though she cannot explain the failures. To find out the reason, she recommended PGD. I was almost ready to invest roughly $5,000 on PGD to either succeed faster with high-tech embryo selection or free myself from hopeless torture. Interestingly, there were only handful good embryos left for PGD on Day 5. After discussion with Dr. Luk, we decided to let the body test other than doing PGD. Seems our decision was rational and right, we saved money and the embryo from possible damage from testing.

About staff:
The staff at Neway is amazingly friendly, helpful and kind. Thanks to Alexandra’s best wishes on my last transfer. Thanks to Rachel, Rose, Ana, and all the nurses who helped me to ensure prescription was sent to the right pharmacy, pre-authorizations were secured in time. A big thank you to Cynthia at billing department, without her effortless communication with Aetna, my ICSI wouldn’t be approved and that single treatment would cost us $1,500.

About environment:
Their new office is nice, close to Subway. Seems they are having more patients these days. Smart choice, guys. Good luck to everyone!”

Yelp Review

Lila G. 6/23/2016
Verified Patient via Fertility IQ

“She is great. We feel like we are in good hands. While this road is not without bumps it helps to much to have great communication and follow up. Dr. Luk makes you feel like you are working as a team all together. She is very positive and encouraging. She gets to know you as a person not just as a body. One nurse spent 2 hours with us reviewing how to do the injections. They are very responsive via email and always answer your questions. It is a lovely atmosphere…it feels patient centered and the space is beautiful. They do not seem too busy or crowded which is reassuring. It’s great to have only 2 doctors so you can know them both and be more comfortable. The lab seems well run and very clean.”

Verified Patient via Fertility IQ6/14/2016
Verified Patient via Fertility IQ

“Dr. Nejat is a brilliant and caring doctor. Being a naturally skeptical person, I always had a lot of doubts about his recommendations but he was proven right every single time. Over time this built trust and respect.  He listened to my concerns and questions and always addressed them. Even when we disagreed, I always felt respected. He is a wonderful doctor and human being. He suggested for us 3 IUIs followed by IVF. He was confident that we would be pregnant with IUI but we needed IVF. He used an antagonist protocol with us since I have an above average AMH, but no PCOS. It turned out to be perfect since we got a healthy retrieval of 16 eggs and 8 blastocysts, which for my age of 35 is pretty decent. We transferred two and are 3 months pregnant with a singleton. [The nursing staff] were great. Punctual with instructions and lab results. Young and cheerful. I will absolutely go to him for a second child!”

Verified Patient via Fertility IQ6/8/2016
Mario B., Google Review

“I don’t have enough kind words for Dr. Luk and Neway. It was a little rough initially. I will attribute that to the practice going through some growing pains. However, Dr. Luk was always attentive and available and made my wife and I feel like we were her only patients. The staff provided us with adequate service and finance options, and even if we were not successful in our fertility attempts I would recommend Neway to anyone looking for individual care through their fertility journey.”

Mario B., Google Review5/24/2016
Esra N., Facebook Review

“Because of Dr. Luk and Dr. Nejat we have a month old baby! The Staff is amazing. They were very attentive and available all the time. I used to go to Midtown location.”

Esra N., Facebook Review5/17/2016
Kim B., Yelp Review

“Neway fertility is great! I have been coming here for around 6 months so far. I LOVE Dr. Luk! She is such a wonderful doctor and I’m so happy I found her. She really cares about her patients and is so positive and super knowledgable. I have seen Dr. Nejat a few times too and he is awesome as well. At Neway they make you feel like you are family there. The nurses are amazing and are there for you always and so hard working. (especially Rose who I adore!) The whole staff is great too! You will get the results you want coming here because they have the best specialists and nurses caring for you. I would highly recommend going here. You won’t be disappointed.”

Kim B., Yelp Review5/3/2017
Bethanie R., Verified Patient via ZocDoc

“I was unfortunately late to my appt but was seen very quickly. [Dr. Nejat] was very sweet and nice to talk to. I didn’t feel weird or uncomfortable, he addressed my issues and talked me through all the steps we where going to go through. And the office is absolutely beautiful, the staff was nice an sweet as well.”

Bethanie R., Verified Patient via ZocDoc 4/12/2016
Verified Patient via

“Dr. Nejat is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had! He’s extremely competent, caring, and knows how to put patients at ease during challenging moments common to IVF. In addition to the depth of his medical knowledge, he’s incredibly compassionate and has an amazing bedside manner. Dr. Nejat always took time to listen to and answer all of my questions. It was a great comfort to have such a competent doctor with an easy-going and confident approach. Thanks to Dr. Nejat and an IVF cycle with him, I am now pregnant. My husband and I are beyond words grateful to him for his exceptional medical care. I wish he could also be my obstetrician, so that he could be my doctor throughout pregnancy, too.”

Verified Patient via Vitals.com3/29/2016

“Dr. Luk’s passion, compassion and down-to-earth direct communication makes her a truly great doctor. She is driven to get good results for her patients and also immersed in the complicated science of fertility. We would recommend her to anyone seeking IVF/fertility treatment.”


“At CWRC they told me I will never get pregnant and need to use donor egg (high FSH low Amh). I was devastated. Started saving money for one ivf attempt and at neway it cost only $3600!! Waiting time was 5-10 min, EXTREMELY effective. I just felt positive throughout all my hassle free visits. Highly recommend, don’t even hesitate!! I was one of those who was reading numerous reviews and never wrote one. Dr.Luk changed my life. Thank you!!!!!!! :)))”

Cathia G.

“OMG I thank God that i found this doctor!! I highly recommend her to you. [Dr. Luk] is so sweet and she explains everything!! She didn’t rush although she had other customers. Amazing staff also!!”

Cathia G.2/23/2016

“Dr. Luk was an extremely knowledgeable source of information during my family’s fertility journey. I highly recommend her in addition to her insightful colleagues and staff to any and all patients seeking clarity, understanding and results in an otherwise murky industry that is typically riddled with uncertainty.  Thank you, Dr. Luk! “

Ms. RB

“The staff was very nice and comforting. I was a little upset about something totally unrelated to my visit and was made to feel better by the nursing assistant. I was offered juice and coffee by the receptionist as soon as I checked in. Dr Luk was very nice and explained everything. I felt really comfortable with her. I have gone to two other fertility places and I wasn’t as comfortable. Glad I found her!”

Ms. RB2/2/2016

“I originally considered going to a different clinic, but after reading so many positive reviews on Healthgrades about Dr. Janelle Luk, I decided to give her a try. I am so glad I went with my intuition! Dr. Luk is perhaps the most compassionate Reproductive Endocrinologists I have met. She truly understands the needs of patients.”

Ms. AF

“I had a wonderful experience at Neway Fertility with Dr Nejat. He was attentive, sensitive, knowledgeable and personable.  He represents a rare new wave of health care professionals who really understands how to walk the delicate modern line between personal and professional, which is no small feat in the field of infertility where emotions and tensions can run high, and expectations must be managed extremely carefully. He handles it all with the control and finesse of a doctor who’s been practicing for many decades; it’s a real gift.  We’re expecting a baby boy this summer and are so grateful to Dr Nejat and his fantastic team of nurses.”

Ms. AF1/19/2016
Verified Patient via ZocDoc

“Dr. Luk is amazing, caring, and very thorough.  I feel very confident about her.  She takes her time and answers any questions you may have and gives you a straight answer.  Her staff is very professional and they make sure you are comfortable!!  Even the billing department was very nice.  I spoke to Cynthia, and she explained everything from A to Z and said I can always call her if I have any questions at all.  She was Great!  Overall I give Dr. Luk and her staff 5* Stars.  If anyone is looking to start a family and need help in acheiving this, I highly recommend you go to Neway Fertility.  Dr. Luk and her staff are very knowledgeable, and very caring about the patients.”

Verified Patient via ZocDoc1/05/2016
Ms. ME

Dr Nejat was sensitive, empathetic and attentive to my needs. He spent time with me to allow me the chance to ask questions, he really seemed to care and want us to be able to be parents as much as we did. We are currently preparing for the birth of our little boy this Autumn.”

Ms. ME12/28/2015
Ms. E

“I had my first IVF treatment and it was successfull at the first try. [Dr. Luk] was available even if I emailed her in the middle of the night. I will never forget, she called me back at 3:00 am in the morning. What a caring doctor. Her entire team worked with the same enthusiasm and care also. I recommend every couple who are searching for a good doctor and clinic for their IVF treatment.”

Ms. E12/22/2015

“Thanks to Neway we are pregnant! Our dreams were answered thanks to Dr. Luk!”


“I followed Dr. Janelle Luk from New Hope to Neway, because the attention and personalized care she given me. I tried numerous infertility centers in NYC before going back to Dr. Luk and none of the other doctors demonstrated the same level of attention. Dr. Luk is knowledgeable but also completely down to earth, approachable and compassion. I am lucky to have Dr. Luk as my doctor, again! I highly recommend Dr. Luk to those that need fertility services.”


“Accommodating. Pleasant. Much less of a zoo and much more sensitive to the patients personal / emotional needs than all of the more well known “high end” and WAY more impersonal IVF docs in NYC.

Compared to RMA, this place is a dream. And they actually remember your a person. And you can reach them on the phone. And did I mention they remember. You’re a person? And that they are the only IVF clinic that hasn’t significantly botched a cycle such that it had to be cancelled in New York?

Wait times are reasonable. The nurses are dolls. If you’re waiting on labs & they’ve not called, if you call them , they just get on for you.

Have you tried the phone tree at Rma ? You’ll age out of fertility waiting for someone to pick up!”


“My wife and I went to see Dr. Luk after trying many different fertility centers. I have to say Dr. Luk is one of the best doctors I have ever met. My wife and I would not be able to go through this journey without her. She has wonderful bedside manners and was very understanding about the difficulties we had. She is very knowledgeable in her field and was able to provide many alternative fertility treatments.  All the supporting staff was very patient with all the questions we had. We are very grateful to Dr. Luk and the Neway fertility center.”


“I met Dr. Luk after having a negative 8 month experience with another fertility center and also had appointments with NYU & Cornell, however I never went to them. After meeting Dr. Luk, I immediately knew she was MY doctor. After a first failed attempt at IUI (3X) and IVF (1X) I knew I needed a 1:1 experience. Not only was Dr. Luk phenomenal but Neway really caters to the NYC working woman. They have very early hours so i can discreetly attend my appointments and never have to be late or miss work, starting at 7:30 am. They are quick and efficient, all while having genuine smiles on their faces. The nursing staff, especially Molly, Juany and Young, are so nice, generous with their time, gentle in their touch and make you feel at home. After I ‘graduated’ to the OBGYN once i was successfully pregnant, I really MISSED going to Neway and seeing all of their faces. Another thing to note is that they offer such an unprecedented list of options for treatment that allow you to be financially mindful, have a choice as to the level of invasive procedure you are willing to do and introduced IVM to the market. IVM is what got me pregnant and I cannot wait for more women to have a positive experience like I did.

I LOVE DR. LUK if you couldn’t tell already and my husband’s feelings are mutual!”


“Amazing facility both Dr. Luk and Dr. Nejat are good and great doctors…. I was a patient of Dr. Luk and even though I was in for a traditional IVF, Dr. Luk suggested me to go for a mini-IVF…and it worked, Dr. Luk did my egg retrieval and Dr. Nejat my egg transfer. They specially opened their offices on a Sunday to do our egg transfer, only for us!!!!  And guess what? I’m Pregnant the first time after 4 years of trying!!!

Both have God gifted skills and expertise…!!!  I had gone to RMA-NY, NYU Fertility , CNY Fertility, and got nothing but just forcing us to a conventional IVF !! But this was the best, my final destination, both for money and service / treatment given to us!!! Both are kind heart’d, will work with you, hear your problems/concerns and will even share their personal number if you have any problems!!! In addition, kudos to all the nurses we met, Rose/Juany/Dee/ Rachel, Qing and few more… they all were amazing!!! Highly recommend!!!!”


“I originally considered going to a different clinic, but after reading so many positive reviews on healthgrades about Dr. Janelle Luk, I decided to give her a try. I am so glad I went with my intuition! Dr. Luk is perhaps the most compassionate Reproductive Endocrinologists I have met. She truly understands the needs of patients. I’ve come across many infertility specialists who are just money hungry, and they seem almost desensitized to the emotional effects that infertility has on a woman . They do not spend enough time with their patients. They treat their business like a factory. Dr. Luk provides a completely different experience. Her concerns for her patients and enthusiam for her work really sets her apart from other physicians. On top of it all, I really appreciate her sense of humor, because I am tired of talking to monotonic doctors. It’s very difficult to find a doctor that hasn’t lost sight of why they chose a career in medicine, and I’ve certainly been blessed to have met Dr. Luk.”

Mrs. B

“It’s easy to feel like you’re just a number in a lot of fertility clinics in NYC, but at Neway Fertility my experience was the exact opposite. The doctors, nurses and front desk staff are all top notch.

Dr. Nejat is extremely knowledgeable, talented and has wonderful bedside manner. Throughout my treatment, any time I had a question or concern he would get back to me quickly, which I really appreciated. He is one of the best doctors I have ever met, someone who really loves what he does and loves helping his patients. I trust him wholeheartedly.

Because of the excellent care I received at Neway I’m now pregnant and my husband and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Mrs. B8/24/2015

“I had a wonderful experience at Neway Fertility with Dr Nejat. He was attentive, sensitive, knowledgeable and personable.

He represents a rare new wave of health care professionals who really understands how to walk the delicate modern line between personal and professional, which is no small feat in the field of infertility where emotions and tensions can run high, and expectations must be managed extremely carefully. He handles it all with the control and finesse of a doctor who’s been practicing for many decades; it’s a real gift.

We’re expecting a baby boy this summer and are so grateful to Dr Nejat and his fantastic team of nurses.”


“The journey through fertility treatment can be an emotional (and physical) roller-coaster, mixing high hopes, dreams and expectations with crushing heartbreak, frustration and fear. While everyone’s experience is different or of varying degrees, it was certainly mine.

I first saw Dr Jesse Hade in January 2014, it took a few months to begin the IVF process due to testing etc… We were fairly green about the whole process and weirdly get nervous around medical professionals, so really didn’t ask many questions (or the right ones) and we bumbled our way through. I think maybe we were not as informed as we could have been. Anyway, we went through a couple of IFV cycles without much success. By the time the 3rd cycle was beginning, Neway was going through some fairly major changes. Dr Edward Nejat and Dr Janelle Luk appeared on the scene and for a while I was not sure who I would get on any given day. And the nursing staff started changing all over the place. I imagine it would have been fairly disruptive for some, but for me, it gave me a chance to experience different doctors approaches. Eventually I learned Dr Hade was leaving. And Dr Nejat took over my treatment. And this is where my review and rating begins.

Dr Nejat was sensitive, empathetic and attentive to my needs. He spent time with me to allow me the chance to ask questions, he really seemed to care and want us to be able to be parents as much as we did. It was no longer the nurses calling us to tell us a cycle had failed or our HGC levels were in the low positive range, Dr Nejat did this himself. He would also, call to check in along the way. Eventually, we opted for a fifth and final treatment, I was emotionally frail and was ready to move on to egg donation. Dr Nejat suggested they could try a mild stimulation for this one, so I agreed, thinking that way we could say we tried everything. And guess what? It worked! We are currently preparing for the birth of our little boy this Autumn.

Dr Nejat seemed overjoyed for us. I naturally was sceptical about the viability of the pregnancy, but his best advice was to live in the moment. I am incredibly grateful to have worked with him throughout the last couple of cycles.

I can not forget Dr Luk,–we had her on and off during the last process due to vacation days or weekend shift schedules–she always made us laugh, she is like a human whirlwind. Always extremely informative and competent. She stayed late one night after convincing me to come in for her to check on everything when I thought I had lost the baby early on, while Dr Nejat was on vacation. Thank goodness I was wrong.

As for the clinic, there were some bumpy times during my experience, simply due to the transition of doctors. I think they could have been more informative about the changes at a higher level rather than letting news trickle down through doctors (or not). A simple email newsletter would have helped. The changes were not bad by any sense, I believe the clinic should have celebrated them. I also think it would be wonderful if they had some sort of group therapy sessions available to their patients (I know their current location is too small for this) as I believe sharing experiences is good for all. You get so caught up in yourself and your own issues during treatment, compassion and empathy for others could help relieve this and take some pressure off.

Anyway, this ended up more of a diary entry than a review, but I wish anyone going through treatment the best of luck. I hope this entry helps you know you are not alone. I thoroughly recommend Dr Nejat and Dr Luk and Neway Fertility. Never give up.” 


“The staff at Neway is incredibly helpful, empathetic and kind in helping patients go through IVF.  They empower people by providing them with medical knowledge in a manner that is clear without being dumbed down.

The staff treats you as a whole person, not just defined by biology.  They collaborate and worked well together, and if all medical offices were like this one, the medical system would have a better reputation.

I am particularly thankful to have the privilege to work with and be treated by Dr. Nejat, Rachael, Rose, Qing and Juany.  When I asked, Dr. Lee and Nellie took the time to explain the science of the process and how it pertained to my and my spouse’s particular case, which made me feel more confident in what was determined to be the right process for us.

I would recommend Neway for anyone with fertility issues, as they understand the biological and emotional stakes involved.”